Apparently I have been continuing the coarse when I have been removed. Just found out there was an assignment I must have missed while I was in the hospital for a week.  I have reached out for help in catching up…yet this has been the first time someone has contacted me regarding my status.

Am I upset, yes. With myself. I am discouraged with the team to a point but it lies upon my shoulders of responsibility.

So I have a decision to make. Continue on my own (which for the past 5 weeks I have done unknowingly), or quit!

It is too ingrained in me to not continue with the conquest I have set out to accomplish. Yet, old blueprint is still too easy to access.

Thanks for your time…


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Mom, wife and servant of the Lord Jesus! I am blessed to be married to a very handsome, talented man! We have a blended family of 4 children of mine, 3 from him and so far 1 together, & a grandson! We all work together in family businesses...balloon decorating, balloon drops, confetti for cooperate events, concerts, towns etc...paired with traveling to festivals to sell kid novelties, food booths, decorate the town, and we make and sell gourmet pasta chips at craft shows! My personal business in relationship marketing since last December! View all posts by missymasterkey

3 responses to “Additional

  • mikeandliz2003

    We’ve not been in the same ‘group’ for some time but am quite happy to continue commenting and supporting if you so wish …

  • mkmmamkg

    Seems like hectic weeks for you at work, live and trying to stay with MKMMA commitement. I hope you can find the strenght in yourself and continue to be with us. Our subby is a very fertile ground and planting good seeds will soon bring us miraculous effects. I can see them manifesting in my life already, so I’m sure that if you find the time to speak to your subby, you’ll soon realise that everything becomes easier and more harmoniuos. It will be very worth it – for you, your new baby and everyone around you xxx

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