Week 22

Emotions emotions emotions!

As people there are many emotions that we experience, for a multitude of reasons!

Funny and weird as it sounds, most of my life I have had few emotions. Weird uh?! I thought that I had many and was a very expressive person. I was. Yet, as I went through an extremely difficult and painful time in my life, my divorce, God showed me that most of my emotions came out in the form of anger. Most people would never have guessed that about me, until…it got to an explosive moment, then it was ugly for all around me and I would feel disgusted with myself many apologies and persistence to not repeat, unfortunately it was a cycle I was in for years.

Through this time in my life almost five years ago to date, my eyes were opened. I had to learn how to express emotions in the manner in which I meant. In this process I have slowly learned to manage my emotions. Within this past year and half I haven’t wanted to manage emotions I have wanted to control what goes on within myself to the enth degree. So only through consistent prayer, studying what God says my character traits ought to be, refocusing and getting on track over again I have began to learn this process. Yes it is a learned trait!

So this chapter 13 Mastering emotions is an extended learning curve and tools in my arsenal that God has provided on a less harsher note than I have provided or allowed for myself.


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Mom, wife and servant of the Lord Jesus! I am blessed to be married to a very handsome, talented man! We have a blended family of 4 children of mine, 3 from him and so far 1 together, & a grandson! We all work together in family businesses...balloon decorating, balloon drops, confetti for cooperate events, concerts, towns etc...paired with traveling to festivals to sell kid novelties, food booths, decorate the town, and we make and sell gourmet pasta chips at craft shows! My personal business in relationship marketing since last December! View all posts by missymasterkey

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