Week 20

Do it now! Do it now! Do it now!

Live today as if it is your last! (Yet figure out to be wise enough to prepare for tomorrow and the future)

What are you pretending not to know?!?

These three things are confronting on many levels. You may want to do things now and have to discern if now is actually the time. Or if a Mom and wife, go through the ranks of your husband and now may not be the time for him. So to learn how to live and practice what is in your own domain of now.

Living today as if it is your last. Very profound. This one is a practice of diligence, forgiveness and moving out of your comfort. Most days are applicable, however, victory over the days that you get stuck in falling into old blueprint or “flesh”, require more prayer and dedication to the ultimate purpose and goal.

What am I pretending not to know? Still figuring out the levels of this question. However, if looking at most situations and circumstances…there is usually a small portion that you can chisel away to conquer the whole at hand. Facing and admitting that and pushing through the resistance of facing yourself is pertinent.

I have always been a good listener. There is always room for improvement. I have been able to hear deeper and not take offense by removing my own opinion. Not to say my opinion doesn’t pop up in my head or sometimes start to roll off my tongue, but I am able to stop, and think, and listen without thinking I must interject. I have noticed for myself that I am less at odds with myself, by listening more, logically taking thoughts captive. I am more comfortable with myself in thought and action, feeling less of the need to defend. I am processing and responding over reacting. When I do catch a reaction I am quicker stop. Praise The Lord!

I had the pleasure to hang out with some people I have known for 20+ years. Haven’t always been in the focal point of my life but I can’t imagine them not falling in and out of touch with them over the years …if you know what I mean?! The Mom of the girls I grew up with has unfortunately lost a daughter several years ago, and both living daughters have a blood clotting disorder. So any change in their health, hormones, etc…is a grave concern. Listening to her today talk and watching her with her daughters and grandchildren, she has grasped these three things listed above, with such charisma and passion. She knows that at any moment of any day could be the last as her family knows it with her girls. How I admire how she has taken advantage of her life with these challenges. Yet, I keep thinking, I do not want something so grave to enter my life to finally grasp and take hold dearly to move with such passion. However, I still feel a blockage in my life to have this freedom. So I lift it up in prayer and seek what it is I must do and know next or even if it is as simple (not easy) as Do it Now, regardless of resistance and I will grow into this freedom…


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Mom, wife and servant of the Lord Jesus! I am blessed to be married to a very handsome, talented man! We have a blended family of 4 children of mine, 3 from him and so far 1 together, & a grandson! We all work together in family businesses...balloon decorating, balloon drops, confetti for cooperate events, concerts, towns etc...paired with traveling to festivals to sell kid novelties, food booths, decorate the town, and we make and sell gourmet pasta chips at craft shows! My personal business in relationship marketing since last December! View all posts by missymasterkey

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