Monthly Archives: February 2014

Week 20

Do it now! Do it now! Do it now!

Live today as if it is your last! (Yet figure out to be wise enough to prepare for tomorrow and the future)

What are you pretending not to know?!?

These three things are confronting on many levels. You may want to do things now and have to discern if now is actually the time. Or if a Mom and wife, go through the ranks of your husband and now may not be the time for him. So to learn how to live and practice what is in your own domain of now.

Living today as if it is your last. Very profound. This one is a practice of diligence, forgiveness and moving out of your comfort. Most days are applicable, however, victory over the days that you get stuck in falling into old blueprint or “flesh”, require more prayer and dedication to the ultimate purpose and goal.

What am I pretending not to know? Still figuring out the levels of this question. However, if looking at most situations and circumstances…there is usually a small portion that you can chisel away to conquer the whole at hand. Facing and admitting that and pushing through the resistance of facing yourself is pertinent.

I have always been a good listener. There is always room for improvement. I have been able to hear deeper and not take offense by removing my own opinion. Not to say my opinion doesn’t pop up in my head or sometimes start to roll off my tongue, but I am able to stop, and think, and listen without thinking I must interject. I have noticed for myself that I am less at odds with myself, by listening more, logically taking thoughts captive. I am more comfortable with myself in thought and action, feeling less of the need to defend. I am processing and responding over reacting. When I do catch a reaction I am quicker stop. Praise The Lord!

I had the pleasure to hang out with some people I have known for 20+ years. Haven’t always been in the focal point of my life but I can’t imagine them not falling in and out of touch with them over the years …if you know what I mean?! The Mom of the girls I grew up with has unfortunately lost a daughter several years ago, and both living daughters have a blood clotting disorder. So any change in their health, hormones, etc…is a grave concern. Listening to her today talk and watching her with her daughters and grandchildren, she has grasped these three things listed above, with such charisma and passion. She knows that at any moment of any day could be the last as her family knows it with her girls. How I admire how she has taken advantage of her life with these challenges. Yet, I keep thinking, I do not want something so grave to enter my life to finally grasp and take hold dearly to move with such passion. However, I still feel a blockage in my life to have this freedom. So I lift it up in prayer and seek what it is I must do and know next or even if it is as simple (not easy) as Do it Now, regardless of resistance and I will grow into this freedom…


Week 19

So as I am reading my MKMMA material (refocusing & and catching up some), my eyes have been opened in a new light. Am I proud of what I must confess, no and yes. No on the aspect that I need to confess I have been selfish. How you say…because I have not been diligent in responding and encouraging others. So for that I ask forgiveness. On the other hand, maybe proud is NOT the proper word. Glad, yes I am glad my eyes have become open to this. Yet I still struggle. Why? I struggle with my encouragement being of an importance.

Yes, I have been reading that no one is, was or will be as I am. Yes I have known and read that and am grateful in the Bible God’s word tells me how I am of importance for Him to send His Son to die for my transgressions and wash me white as snow!

It is not a process that I believe will automatically take hold and never be concerned with again. Yet in this process I do believe there are stages of progression to have the knowledge and the proper confidence in this knowledge, turning it into wisdom to not be a battle. But stepping stones of my own testimony, which Lord willing I will have the opportunity to glorify God when and if He chooses. If nothing else it will be for my own praises to Him from where I have come.

I have easily fallen into becoming a hermit of some sort over the years. Easy to do when you are raising children and learning your position of a wife and mother. Easy to fall into ruts and a broken record.

This coarse as I have mentioned before is a transformation to help realign and refocus who you were created to be. I haven’t figured out how to go about getting the desired results in aspects of my life, but I have and am in the process of breaking old habits that have given me results I haven’t desired and didn’t intentionally seek to begin with. Not that I don’t know the road I am headed on but there are still many trial and errors, mainly in thinking, to acquire results and characteristics I desire. So praise God for the old man dying. Praise Him for the transition that I am in (on a fleshly level I feel stuck) but am accepting and working through that!

And to others in the class great work on working on you to be a better you and be an example most don’t even know they need!

Week 18

Pondering things that I have been learning in the master keys for a few months now. Realizing that it does start in your mind and making diligent choices. Choosing NOT to have your old blueprint kick in default and refer back to old ways of thinking and being…reacting instead of responding. Would like to say it has gotten easier, BUT as of yet it has not. What has is that it is not totally automatic to go back to the old blue print. Whereas it is familiar, it is now foreign at the same time. Thank goodness. I am thankful for the resistance in learning and the challenges it has pushed me through my comfort. Again it is an answers to prayer to learn how to shed the old man and be transformed into the new, and God is doing a mighty work in me and many I am sure to accomplish His purpose.